Meet the Fosters



Melissa L. is our current Adoption/Medical Coordinator. She has been involved in animal welfare and veterinary medicine for 10+ years. She lives with her boyfriend in Tucson Arizona and together they share a dog and 3 cats. She specializes in caring for the tiniest, sickest felines, as well as having experience with neurological cats/kittens.



  My love for animals began at a young age. Growing up we had dogs, many different types of birds & parrots, snakes, fish, a rabbit, ferret, turtles. While I'm still new to fostering (1 year in) I've been saving animals all my life. Call it destiny. One day I crossed paths with a cat named Mattis, abandoned sick in the desert. He changed my life forever. I'm Intake/Foster Coordinator, I also maintain a demanding job in manufacturing. I’m married to foster dad & we have two Boston Terriers named Jax & Frankie and have four cats, Mattis, Olivia, Phoebe and Pepper. We currently reside in Sahuarita. 



Cortney is one of our founding members and has been fostering for over 15 years. She has focused on fostering cats and dogs but has also fostered other animals. She has been a dog trainer for over 15 years as well and works with adopters and rescue groups on dog training. Cortney specializes in handicapped animals, but also fosters several others. She has a personal cat who was born with no front legs, 4 large breed dogs, and horses!



Kim fosters for SACR and publishes our newsletter. Kim’s first kitten rescue was during her teen years when someone threw a kitten out of a car window. That incident left an indelible mark on her heart. Kim is married with 4 grown children, 4 dogs, 1 foster-fail kitten (the kids took all their cats with them, so they really needed another one!) and rotating foster kittens. When not in Oro Valley, you’ll find Kim & her hubby traveling the country in an RV filled with their pets & fosters.



Alex is the Social Media/Outreach Coordinator. She has been involved in various ways with animal care/well-being as long as she can remember, but in the past few years realized rescue & rehabilitation is her true passion along with education to the public of cat/dog welfare/well-being. She started fostering at her first job out of college (a no-kill shelter) and loved making a difference in the tiny lives of kittens and puppies♡ Now she loves fostering kittens of all types including medical cases, those needing socialization, or any that are just plain cute and needing a temporary home! She lives in Tucson with her fiancé and together they have 2 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats! 


Erica & Karissa

  A mother/daughter team. Our family moved to Tucson from Los Angeles a year & a half ago. In LA we worked heavily with Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue, the largest piggy rescue in the U.S. We fostered the unsocialized, underweight and the pregnant mamas. Karissa was the youngest (at age 8 to be allowed to volunteer.) When we moved to AZ, we really wanted to get involved with the community through local rescue. Unfortunately, Tucson does not have a piggy rescue, so we decided to turn our attention to one of our other loves, KITTENS!! We have been fosters with SACR since launching this year. We have many personal animals of our own, which we attribute to well rounded, socialized, loving kittens. Fostering is a great way for my daughter & I to work together. Not to mention how great it feels to know you saved a life and helped an animal find their fur-ever family!  



Hi I'm Felicia! I'm 23 and my family and I have been fostering since Spring 2019 and we joined Southern Arizona Cat Rescue in the fall of 2019 when they launched. I was born and raised around animals. I enjoy being able to give animals a healthy and loving temporary home. I love coming home to see cute faces welcoming me. I don't ever plan to give up. I take pride in helping out with cats. All my fur babies have been rescued.